Blockchain Madness 2016

We are excited to announce that on March 15th a new college tournament will begin. Six elite universities from across North America will compete head to head to determine which campus knows the most about the blockchain. The winner will be awarded the BlockCup, which will be recorded into the blockchain.

There are three universities from Canada including the University of Toronto, Laurier and Queens, and three from the United States including NYU, MIT and Berkeley that will be participating. Each event is being live-streamed so the world can watch in real-time.

University campuses are the best place to create micro-ecosystems for innovation. Bitcoin & Blockchain technologies are socio-economic experiments and being able to engage in an alternative ecosystem safely within a friend network enables rapid prototyping of ideas through hands-on experience. Students are eager to make headway in emerging segments of this industry.

Blockchain Madness was created to shine a spotlight on the academic hubs that are at the forefront of the blockchain grassroots education. Similar to how March Madness transforms college basketball players into all-stars, we want the world to know who the next blockchain prodigies are.

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Leading up to the event we are posting daily questions to Twitter with a 5000 bit prize to challenge the community. Look for the #TipTrivia and #BlockchainMadness to get involved.