BEN Deploys Blockchain Cloud Sandbox for Students

The Blockchain Education Network is pleased to announce the launch of their Blockchain Cloud Sandbox’, an R and D initiative for university blockchain club leaders to be able to test and develop on blockchains “out-of-the-box” without needing to configure their own blockchain. An Ethereum and Hyperledger Sandbox are available to students in this initial trial, which has been powered by MLG Blockchain.

The Sandboxes were developed by Akarsh Agarwal, the co-founder of BEN India and the Hyperledger Lead of the Blockchain Education Network. Agarwal has become very active with blockchain development and “wants to support others who are looking to learn about the industry”. “Configuring a blockchain can be complicated and we want to ensure new developers in the industry have a good first experience”, said Akarsh in a statement to the Blockchain Education Network.
“As the Director of BEN Ottawa it comes with great pleasure to know that an open source Ethereum and Hyperledger sandbox exists for students and developers of all skill to access freely”, said Noah Walters. Walters also recently founded the Blockchain Law Society in collaboration BEN with a mandate of organizing content relevant to blockchain in law and building a global network of legal advisors focused on the blockchain and financial technology industry.

First Gauntlet Events

We are happy to announce that the first local Blockchain Gauntlet events have been launched by region leaders in cities across North America including Toronto, Chicago, Charlotte, Washington DC, New York, Baltimore and Puerto Rico. These local hackathons focus on a diverse range of topics including, tech for regulation, women in tech, financial technology, among others. Every hack that is developed at each of these local hackathons can also be submitted to the Blockchain Gauntlet accelerator to compete for prize money and mentorship that can take the proof of concepts developed to the next level.

The first hackathon was this past weekend in Charlotte and was hosted by the Charlotte Blockchain meetup group. The Washington event starts today through a partnership between the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Women Who Code to “host a blockchain beginner hackernoon in partnership with the Blockchain Education Network’s global educational gauntlet”. The Puerto Rico event is being hosted by Jose Montero, the region leader for the Blockchain Education Network in Puerto Rico, and happens this Thursday.

The hackathon in Toronto and Chicago are planned as inaugural events and are called RegHackTO and the Chicago Blockchain Developers Conference, respectively. RegHackTO is being hosted by the Ontario Securities Commission’s OSC Launchpad, with support from MLG Blockchain Consulting, with a goal of having software developed to help simplify regulations. The Chicago event is in partnership with the Chicago Bitcoin Center and includes all the universities in Chicago including Northwestern, the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Patrick Guay, the region leader of the Blockchain Education Network in Canada, lives in Ottawa and is travelling to Toronto to participate in RegHackTO and enter his hack into the Blockchain Gauntlet.
“The gauntlet is a very exciting event. Just like with blockchain technology, we have a decentralization of hackathons all over the world. Also, your hack will be showcased to high-level judges working in the industry, potentially sparking something special. It is definitely worth participating”, said Guay in a quote to the Blockchain Education Network. Guay recently won a prize at the Distributed: Health hackathon that was hosted by BTC Media in October.