“How do I get started? What should I start reading/watching/doing?”

It’s time to address this question head on. Throughout the month of October, blockchainers everywhere are putting an end to this question forever through a collaboratively built blockchain education course. To aggregate our common knowledge, BEN has built a syllabus of 6 chapters, divided up into modules, with each module containing a 7-minute script, powerpoint, and video. The goal is to create a collaborative path for newcomers and experts to create a resource for the public good.

The Syllabus starts with an introduction to digital currencies, cryptography and what a blockchain is. It continues into more complicated topics such as consensus algorithms and mining. Last, the course offers an introduction to blockchain development to prepare for upcoming hackathons and beyond.  

BEN is encouraging participants to focus on:

  1. Quality Submissions
  2. Completing the Course
  3. Creative Submissions (written, graphic, video, audio, event, etc)


BEN has reserved 4 BTC to divide proportionally to students who contribute content to the #BEM course. Students compete for prizes by submitting modules and winning badges that earn them points. Student’s individual point contributions are compared to the total points to evaluate their contribution ratio. On Oct 31st, BEN will allocate the BTC proportionally amongst all the course participants based on their contribution ratio.

BEN reserved an additional 2.5 BTC to individuals that submit non-course self-created content. This includes written blog articles, graphics, videos, audio, or planned events. Participants are encouraged to tag content that they created themselves after Oct 9th to a module in the syllabus. Participants can tag the same content to multiple modules if relevant.

#bem contribution ratio

Not an expert? No problem.

Don’t be intimidated by making a blockchain course module. Often the information needed in a module is already described somewhere else on the internet and just needs to be made relevant to the course. #BEM is an opportunity for anyone who is new to blockchain to learn more about it and get rewarded for sharing their interpretation with others.

BEN has created a suggestion bank for anyone to make module research recommendations. Perhaps you may not have time to make a course but would like to recommend your favorite video, blog article, or research paper for whoever is willing to take on the module.

Submit your research recommendations to BlockchainEdu.org/bem (submit as many as you like! The more the merrier!)