Bitcoin Airdrop

The Blockchain Education Network is pleased to announce a third annual Bitcoin Airdrop. The Airdrop, an event designed to give away bitcoin to new people, began 2 years ago at MIT and expanded to McGill University in Canada last year. This year, the Airdrop is being taken to upcoming orientation weeks on university campuses across the world. Student blockchain clubs  in Atlanta, Boston, Toronto, and Gainesville, FL have confirmed their participation, and more are welcome.


Students with clubs that are just starting have an opportunity to get awareness on campus quickly. Josh Vorick, the founder of the Georgia Tech Bitcoin Club says “As the club kicks off and begins trying to educate GT’s campus about the new blockchain technologies, the Airdrop will be crucial for generating hype and grabbing people’s attention. Once they’re excited about Bitcoin, we can capture the momentum for future events and grow the club”.


It’s also a great way for existing clubs to start the year in an exciting way and participate in an event larger than their individual campus. Stepan Vorobiev, founder of the University of Toronto Decentralized Tech Association says “This year, for the first time, we’ll have a table at the annual club fair. The event generates a lot of foot traffic, being particularly popular with freshmen. Combined with the Airdrop, we are really excited about this opportunity to recruit new members with a warm crypto welcome”.


This airdrop is the kickoff to a 3-step semester-long student initiative to grow the blockchain ecosystem and to teach our peers how to utilize blockchains in the real world. The best way to start the conversation on campus is to use the technology with a peer next to you.


Initial sponsors of the event: bitcoin marketplace gateway Wall of Coins and private blockchain as a service startup, e-BIT. Robert Genito, ceo of Wall of Coins, adds “Accelerating Bitcoin adoption today is a high priority. The best way we can all do this is to enable services that not only work in a peer-to-peer fashion, but also provide newcomers with a friction-free, friendly welcome to participate in this ecosystem.” Chris Rufo, ceo of e-BIT says “I’m very excited to help the community expand and take part in the BEN Airdrop. We at e-BIT are driven to bring blockchain technology to the forefront of modern finance and one way to accomplish that mission within the general public is to share our undying belief in Bitcoin with the masses. We applaud BEN for their efforts on this front and are proud to be a sponsor.”
BEN is still accepting sponsors to participate in the airdrop.