BEN establishes the month of October as “Blockchain Education Month”.

Throughout the month, student blockchain clubs focus their efforts on improving blockchain education. Affectionately named BEM, this project stands on the shoulders of the Bitcoin Airdrop hosted last month. In September, BEN introduced hundreds of new students to the blockchain ecosystem through a global bitcoin giveaway. Thus, after the initial excitement, the next step is to gamify the learning curve for those who have just taken the plunge.

Many regional hubs experience a surge of interest among students at the beginning of the year and we want to ensure that enthusiasm continues. To maintain this momentum, BEN has created a course outline to simplify the creation of an open source course on blockchain education. Inspired by the Stanford Bitcoin Crowd Course Initiative, students will have an opportunity to build micro-courses that aggregate to a complete curriculum in order to help others understand the blockchain and visualize its potential.


BEN will be incentivizing participation…

…in this effort through our Chapters to win points based on what topics their education videos/slideshows/radio podcasts/etc cover. Multiple prizes will be awarded to teams with the most points and creative contributions. Points will be awarded based on content relevant to modules in the outline.

For the first 9 days of BEM, until October 9th, we’ll be conducting a crowd-review of our outline in order to add any modules that students think are important to cover. On the 9th, we’ll lock in bounty rewards and students are free to start contributing content. While students are free to start contributing before the 9th, no more modules will be added after the deadline to ensure everyone has a fair chance and adequate time to compete for points.

While students may contribute as a sole individual, we encourage students to work with other chapter members as a team, so that they might cover larger chunks of the outline and earn more points. Working in a team (such as a club) will also allow students to play from their strength and use this opportunity to learn as well as teach. Plus, it’s simply just more fun.

Wish to participate in this global educational experiment?

Members of BEN can join the #bem channel on slack. Not a member of BEN? Sign-up today.