CargoChain reinvents how international trade is done by making important trade documents and processes available on the Blockchain. Through the Blockchain, CargoChain creates a single source of truth and Chain of Custody that is important for all parties involved in international trade. With this system CargoChain makes it possible for shipments to be processed cheaper, in less time and saving a lot of paperwork (and thus, trees).

Jinglan Wang

Conner Fromknecht


OZCoin is a cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology and cutting-edge cryptography to provide users with practical fungibility, while enabling full anonymity and confidentiality out of necessity. OZRS, short for "One-time Zero-sum Ring Signatures" is a new approach to transactional mechanics. OZRS permits transactions to occur, while divulging the minimal information about a coin’s history. Ignorance is bliss–and so is using OZCoin.

Steven Masley

Dakota Baber


CryptID is an identification system built ontop of the bitcoin blockchain using factom, that hopes to bring identification systems like school IDs and driver’s licenses into the twenty first century. By using private keys and a 3 factor authentication system, we can prevent any possibility of counterfeits or fake IDs.

Cameron Schorg

Michael Gord

Sajida Zouarhi


SnipBit is a bitcoin micropayment platform that brings payments to the browser and eliminates the subscription and paywall problems of the web. By utilizing bitcoin and micropayment channels, content producers will be able to easily monetize their content and consumers will be able to access the premium content they desire with one click. This, overall, makes for a better web experience for everyone as content producers are incentivized to produce quality content and consumers are able to finally browse the web a la carte style.

Dev Bharel

Shannon Foster

Duncan Brown

DIID (Distributed ID)

Identity fraud has come to the point where thousands of social security numbers are sold in bundles of hundreds for less the price of an dinner. Bad actors can get their hands on this information easily because that which gives us a sense of safety also is the cause of a lot of our fears. DIID tackles encryption by breaking it down into 3 main steps and the 4th step for when that data needs to be checked by government agencies.

Rohan Mishra

Max Fang


DeliverDAO solves the "last mile" problem regards how goods in a shipping route get from the last hub (like a post office or UPS store) to their final destination. Due to the irregular nature of city roads, delivery trucks routinely have to deal with traffic congestion, impeding other cars, and parking haphazardly along busy roads. Despite the last mile only comprising a tiny part of the total shipping distance, it can represent up to 28% of the total cost. Thus, moving goods through metropolitan areas is the most complex and expensive aspect of the shipping supply chain.

Kenneth Ng

Can Kisagun


Simplifying cross-atlantic shipping to get rid of banks and thereby removing the need for L/C (Letter of Credit). Success brings an industry dominated by large players accessible to medium and small size companies.