We want to encourage all our blockchain hubs to meetup and celebrate the bitcoin halving day (~July 9th) with local get-togethers. To do this, we’re paying for all our regions to have pizza parties at someone’s apartment, at a bar, or some other casual social environment.

To add some gamification to the mix, we’ll be rewarding regions that break participation thresholds with a snapchat geofilter.


  • If you can arrange for 3+ people to come [with 0 day notice]: We’ll reimburse up to $50 (in bitcoin) for food/beverages purchased for the halving day. Take pictures of receipts!
  • If you can arrange for 10+ people to come [with 3 day notice] we’ll purchase a snapchat geofilter for the apartment/bar/place you’re all meeting at.

You can do all of this on your region channel


We want to dominate the #bitcoinhalving hashtags during Halving Day. Thus, take candid and funny shots & vids of your crew and post to twitter/facebook/instagram (whatever you like) with the hashtag #bitcoinhalving and tag @BlockchainEdu.

If you’d like direct access to post to the BlockchainEdu facebook/twitter/instagram, let us know and we’ll give your organizer direct access.

In addition, we’ll be organizing a train of snapchat takeovers at all the parties. So be sure to head into #snapchat to voice interest in snapping your local halving party. We’ll be creating 15-20 minute timeslots for each region and passing the snapchat account across the regions.

Edit: We uploaded the snapchat reel to youtube!