How does ben work behind the scenes?

The students running ben come from across the world and don't get the chance to meet each other in person very often. Thus to run the Blockchain Education Network, our team employs variety of tools and services to overcome the obstacles of not meeting in person. Certain companies support our vision and give us free access to paid tiers of their service. As a student led non-profit, this sort of support is motivational and we are excited for the opportunity to build our organization with their tools.


How do you get a global organization who cannot meet in person to maintain friendly relationships and "hangout". We use slack to let everyone in our organization have a central meeting and planning point. In addition, we use a variety of services that loop into slack, making it easier for us to keep track of all our tools in one place.


Zapier allows our us to manage signups with multiple people without confusion. Signups from a typeform are then placed onto a trello board & google spreadsheet. This allows us to have the raw list plus an ability to track who is handling which signup. Zapier gives us the automation to allow a team to handle this without that being a task of it's own.

Our organization is spread across the world which means different regions have a preference for different chat channels. While we are here for a decentralized technology, we all benefit from a centralized communication channel to meet and network from. Sameroom allows us to link telegram groups, hangouts, irc channels, and more to our slack channel. This way no one has to switch or compromise and still has access to a global network of student blockchainers.

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate these companies for their generous support. We hope our success with these platforms will inspire other leaders to develop similar strategies and give these companies a shot!.