The Blockchain Gauntlet: a month of blockchain hackathons and acceleration

BEN is happy to announce that throughout November we will be hosting Blockchain Gauntlet, a global blockchain accelerator, thanks to generous donations from Bloq, MLG and DIID and support from UnSung. The accelerator will be throughout the entire month of November. Local regions leaders are encouraged to host 24/48 hour hackathons during the month, where projects can also be refined and submitted to the Blockchain Gauntlet.

Physical hackathons encourage a special kind of high-intensity effort, by keeping the time limits tight yet offering easily accessible educational resources. That’s why we want to provide this experience to everyone in our network, even if they don’t have a hackathon occurring within reach. Region Heads in Chicago and Toronto have already begun to plan their local hackathons, and we’re welcoming more to host a local hackathon for their region.

The rules for the Gauntlet competitions are simple: maximum size of four people per team, with one physical ambassador per local event (in other words, ¾ can be remote). Projects from these physical hackathons will be evaluated by a group of expert judges and VCs, from the Gauntlet, who can improve your project’s ability to enter the market. In this way, submissions to local hackathons will have attention from the entire industry and support from a community of people who can take the projects to next level.


We’re targeting this grassroots initiative towards the new students who jumped in our 2016 Fall initiative and we want to inspire them get active in the blockchain ecosystem and build something. We are bridging the gap: students who wish to experiment will have tools and key industry experts in the industry supporting their efforts. Register for the Blockchain Education Network at and join the #gauntlet channel.

If you want to be a judge, sponsor or have a toolkit you want developers to be able to work with, please reach out to If you are not from one of the cities who are hosting a hackathon but want to find a team, we allow remote submissions and still offer support in the #gauntlet channel.