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Formerly the College Cryptocurrency Network, the Blockchain Education Network is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to forming a robust network of student groups for bitcoin and blockchain education, development, and innovation.


Traditional finance, such as the institutions that confront us with “business hours”, "international transfer fees", "paperwork", and websites made in the 90s, causes our eyebrows to furrow. We demand that our higher expectations be met, even if that means building it ourselves.

We have used bitcoin and blockchain technologies and cannot go back. Thus, it's up to us to build a future that meets and exceeds our expectations.

Necessity is the mother of invention and youthful frustration is the driver of ambitious disruption.

Who is #GenerationBlockchain?

  • We expect a globalized world that tangibly resembles the borderless experience we are used to from the internet. No excuses for anything less.
  • We expect to able to collaborate and build with anyone. If we want to create something, we reach out to the world for talent and get what we were looking for.
  • We expect the freedom to customize and edit our services to best fit our own needs. Just like the internet and app stores on our phones, we choose what we want. The result is $billion dollar industries full of startups and global hyper-competitive industries to meet our constantly evolving expectations.

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