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the Blockchain Education Network

Everyone should have the opportunity to experiment with bitcoin and blockchain.

It’s time to scale blockchain socially. We believe blockchain is a global socio-economic experiment best experienced through relationships and collaboration with people near you. So we’re building the laboratories.

We’re the youth leading grassroots bitcoin adoption at our local university campuses.

Together with nearby enthusiasts, we build opportunities for our communities to use bitcoin and blockchain in their daily interactions. We learn from our missteps, inspire others with our successes, but most importantly create the foundational human-network for new startups and ideas to iterate within.

We envision an ambitious global economy and we're not asking for permission to change it.

When we travel the world, we seek hubs of like-minded individuals and build new friendships for future collaboration. Through building and managing these trans-border relationships with frictionless blockchain technologies, we’re creating a generation with heightened expectations. One that is demanding a global economic paradigm shift to meet these new expectations.