We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization

As a student-run nonprofit, student leaders spend an incredible amount of volunteer effort progressing blockchain education on campuses across the world. Our student leaders are building #GenerationBlockchain whether they have money or not. While the Blockchain Education Network is built on top of incredible student volunteer effort, there are expenses that come our way. Here is how our organization uses donations and funding from sponsors.

Wish to make a tax deductible donation?

Providing 24/7 social media content, weekly newsletters, and global events requires a lot of behind the scenes work. We try to make it easy for you to show your support to the student-led grassroots blockchain education movement.

Credit Card Donations

Bitcoin Donations

Altcoin Donations

We accept alt-coin donations through shapeshift’s shifty button. Donations sent will be converted into bitcoin and sent to our public bitcoin donation address.

What you are supporting

Organizational Tools

We are students working together from campuses across the world and thus cannot meet in person. We use a variety of online platforms connected to our private slack group to allow for a small team to have the same effect of a large organization. While a few partner services have agreed to provide free paid services, we need to use others that are not as generous.


When we host cross-campus events, we host Zapchain interviews, write blog articles, deliver physical flyers and stickers to campuses across the world, and employ other marketing schemes to alert people of the opportunities we offer. Being able to draw in large crowds to events gives us the credibility to launch even bigger opportunities in the future.

Student Involvement

Some students go above and beyond to help the BlockchainEdu with the everyday operations. We provide small stipends to students helping our mission to maintain their focus and motivation. We also provide housing accommodation at select conferences where we acquire free tickets, to make it cheap and easy to meet members of the network in real life and build relationships.

Have any questions?

Don't hesitate to get in contact with us!