Executive Team

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Jinglan Wang

Michael Gord

Alberto Jauregui

Aaron Schwartz

Rohan Mishra

Advisory Board

The industry experts supporting #GenerationBlockchain

Moe Levin

Moe Levin

CEO of Keynote: Blockchain Conferences

Matthew Roszak

Founding Partner of Tally Capital

David Bailey

CEO of BTC Media

Brayton Williams

Cofounder of BoostVC

Pindar Wong

Pindar Wong

Chairman of the Asia & Pacific Internet Association and VeriFi

Joe Ciccolo

Founder of BitAML, Bitcoin ATM Compliance

Jason King

Founder of Sean's Outpost and Unsung

Jeremy Gardner

Venture Associate at Blockchain Capital

Andrew Lee

CEO of Purse.io

Dean Masley

Cofounder NestEgg